Citizen Q&Q Smile Solar Series


Innovation gives everyone access to technology. Make this solar-powered wristwatch your everyday favourite. By changing light into energy, this timepiece needs no battery replacement, making it a green option for all. Imagine putting on the smartest timepiece just like wearing a t-shirt. This innovation brings everyone on this planet a smile.

The watches transform the sun’s rays into time-keeping energy via a razor-thin solar panel hidden around the inside rim of the watch casing. According to the designers, an hour of sunlight gives the Smile Solar around three months of battery life–so as long as you go outside at least an hour a day, it will never run out of power! Best of all, when you purchase a Q&Q Smile Solar watch, a portion of the proceeds is donated to ‘Table For Two’ to deliver school meals to hungry children in Africa and Asia.

And the deal clincher for these fabulously  fun watches….they’re all only $60!

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Crown Sales TeamCitizen Q&Q Smile Solar Series