Thomas Sabo Karma Beads 60% Sale!


We are delighted to let all you fashionistas and collectors out there know that we are continuing our Thomas Sabo Karma Bead sale, this means all earrings, necklaces, bracelets, beads and stoppers are a whopping 60% off! The perfect gift or the perfect reason to start or add to your existing collection.

Customisation has long been a feature of Thomas Sabo’s collections, but Karma Beads take the assembly to a whole new level. Design your own bracelet, earrings or necklace. Update existing pieces and mix and match. The beads are made from semi-precious stones, corals, pearls and sterling silver and start from $33. As we’ve come to expect from Thomas Sabo, the tiny details are fantastically intricate and flawless. Various stoppers allow you to space the beads out on your piece, so you’re completely in control.

The possibilities are endless with the Karma Beads venture, whether you’re glam or a little more rock n roll.





Crown Sales TeamThomas Sabo Karma Beads 60% Sale!