Mondaine Helvetica Smart Watch


When it comes to design chops, Mondaine watches rule. Firstly, it has got the whole Swiss railway design going on, which is like having your smartwatch endorsed by time itself and, if that wasn’t enough, the company has officially licensed the Helvetica font, which is enough to get the most ardent design nerds aquiver.  The main face features those big bold numbers and dominating hands that are instantly recognisably as Mondaine, with thick bezels and dominating crown. It’s a gorgeous looking watch.

Inside this watch is the latest insmart technology focused on monitoring activity and sleep, featuring MotionX activity tracking, Sleeptracker sleep monitoring, sleep cycle alarms, Get-Active alerts and Smart coaching – all the data from which can be backed up and stored in the MotionX cloud.

At the bottom of the watch face is the secondary dial that offers an at-a-glance look at your progress against your daily goal.The big grey hand points to the current day of the month, while the second smaller hand rotates to show your step goal percentage. However, when you go to sleep, the date hand will move to the sleep position, and the second hand will turn to reveal the percentage of sleep. What’s more, you can tweak the settings to enable the watch to track sleep from lying under your pillow, rather than on your arm, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing the heavy metal watch to bed.

Sticking with the sleeping features and the Mondaine Smart offers details on your deep and light sleep, the amount of time you were awake, and a count of the times that you awoke from the land of nod. However, you have to manually enter sleep mode, either by pushing the dial on the watch or by selecting the mode in the app. Smart alarms are on offer, however, to wake you during periods of light sleep and there’s also a handy power nap mode for day sleepers.



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