Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Buckle Collection’

Salvatore Ferragamo Australia Crown Jewellery Sydney Buckle Collection Watch
Read more... The Buckle Collection is pure, playful, italian luxury; soft, fine leather with contrasting stitching and a sculptural face. It's the little details that make the Ferragamo experience so special, like the black edging on the fire-engine red strap and the vertical crown. Contains a swiss-made mechanism, with two ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamSalvatore Ferragamo ‘Buckle Collection’

Claude Bernard ‘Dress Code’

Claude Bernard Australia Crown Jewellery Sydney 10216
Read more... New to the store, Claude Bernard specialises in timeless beauty. With a range of quartz and automatic movement watches, the brand has a fine-tuned eye for the little details. The mechanisms of each piece are meticulously assembled by experts in Switzerland, as one of the world's oldest family ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamClaude Bernard ‘Dress Code’

Roamer ‘Limelight-set’

Roamer Limelight
Read more... Want to kill two birds with one stone? Or perhaps two gifts with one prepackaged transaction? Swiss made quality at an accessible price, these elegant couples watch-sets by Roamer make the ideal gift for an engagement, wedding, or Christmas present. Classic, timeless styling in a slim design, scratch ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamRoamer ‘Limelight-set’

CLEARANCE: Victorinox

Read more... In the market for a swiss-made watch? Victorinox are experts in executing quality with style in mind. The watches pictured below are now half price! All discontinued stock, one of each available only. Get in while stock lasts. 241334 WAS $500 NOW $250 241340 WAS $660 NOW $330 ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamCLEARANCE: Victorinox

Calvin Klein ‘Amaze’

ck amaze
Read more... Calvin Klein never fails to amaze us with their clean modern lines and edgy simplicity, as the name of their latest model suggests. A smooth, domed piece of glass and subtle, curved rectangular edge frame a minimalistic face. The band captures the bold link trend that has popped ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamCalvin Klein ‘Amaze’

Versace ‘Vanitas’

Read more... Oppulent. Luxurious. Indulgent. The Vanitas is watch royalty, the star of Versace's new season. The decadence of the Vanitas recalls a time when accessories were beautiful for beauty's sake, with aesthetic the ultimate goal. But don't be fooled, Versace's watches are more than just a pretty face. Swiss ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamVersace ‘Vanitas’