Fusion of Night and Day

Read more... Black or white diamonds? Why not both? This set of earrings and ring has caught our eyes and our hearts here at Crown. Immaculately detailed. Pulverising in its effect. The dazzling appearance is reminiscent of the poise, grace and grandeur of a Dalmatian. The ring showcases 117 black diamonds of 2.5 ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamFusion of Night and Day

5 Engagement rings that will take her breath away…

Read more... Five rings, five cuts; round brilliant cut, marquis cut, princess cut, and emerald cut. Well, there are four cuts in there actually, we threw in the square cluster in the mix because who doesn't like a bit of sparkle in their lives? ;) The "cut" is one of the ... Read More
Crown Sales Team5 Engagement rings that will take her breath away…

Claude Bernard – Swiss made Watches.

Read more... Every Claude Bernard timepiece is a piece of high-quality craftsmanship developed and perfected in the  Swiss hills of Les Genevez since the 1600's. No watch leaves the workshops without a thorough inspection and rigorous testing in the company’s state-of-the-art facilities. The following are some of our favourite Claude Bernard ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamClaude Bernard – Swiss made Watches.

10 diamond-adorned beauties for under $1000 – Just in time for Christmas! ;)

Read more...   To make life a little bit easier for you leading up to Christmas, we have done the research for you and created this list of our top-ten diamond-adorned beauties that you wont believe are under $1000. NOTE that we currently have 20% off all the below retail prices for ... Read More
Crown Sales Team10 diamond-adorned beauties for under $1000 – Just in time for Christmas! ;)

Pink Sapphire Rings

Read more... Artistry in its truest form, these one of a kind 14 carat gold pink sapphire rings are inspired by nature. Organic in design to encapsulate these charming gems into a floral bouquet. Endowed with unbelievable hue, tone, vivid saturation and fine clarity they are  eye-catching to say the least.
Crown Sales TeamPink Sapphire Rings