Roamer of Switzerland

Read more... Watchmakers since 1888, Roamer's pieces are the product of years of perfection and passionate devotion to the art of swiss watchmaking. The craftmanship of their experts has evolved with time and their current collection provides timepieces that are visually and mechanically faultless. What's more, Roamer's committment to the ... Read More
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Claude Bernard

Read more... One of the last standing, family-owned Swiss watchmaking companies, Claude Bernard has a history that dates back to the mid 16th century. It was then, on the stunning Jura headlands that its founder of the same name discovered the picturesque Les Genevez and began the artisan tradition of ... Read More
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Victorinox Swiss Amry

Read more... Established in 1884, Victorinox produces knives, watches, luggage and leather goods which are the ultimate combination of luxurious materials and superior technology. The brand creates pieces inspired by their Swiss Military heritage, including models to assist the wearer as they scale a mountain, circumnavigate the globe, or dive ... Read More
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MDL Neues Logo outline mit swiss made 20142
Read more... Using the classic 1944 design of Switzerland's railway clocks, Mondaine produces watches and clocks that put a comtemporary spin on a much loved classic design. Like the railway clock, this distinctive series of clocks and watches are powered by swiss mechanisms. The watch is produced in a variety ... Read More
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Calvin Klein

platinum swiss made wht
Read more... For Calvin Klein, the emphasis is on the wearer. With organic, effortless items that flatter and enhance, the collection's pieces complete a look rather than distracting from it. From the finest Swiss Made watches to bracelets, earrings, necklaces and bangles, Calvin Klein creates pieces for men and women ... Read More
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