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TW Steel Maverick Collection

Read more... TW Steel shakes up father time in 2016, launching the adventurous Maverick Collection. Inspired by the ground-breaking Son of Time masterpiece, the Maverick Collection takes TW Steel’s bold attitude, blends in cool vintage styling and twists it all together to deliver a totally fresh take on time. The ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamTW Steel Maverick Collection

STAR WARS | Nixon Collection

Read more... Introducing the STAR WARS | Nixon Collection From the custom case-back art with the famous Stormtrooper quote "Move Along" to the embossed Imperial Marker, it's these design details created for those that know, these subtleties can be found throughout this ultra cool collection. Ranger Imperial Pilot Black and Ranger ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamSTAR WARS | Nixon Collection

Crown Jewellery Presents The NIXON Collection!      

2015-08-20 17.29.51
Read more... The brand’s range has quickly grown in popularity and is sold in 80 countries worldwide due to its ethos that there is a watch to match any individuals style.For more than a decade, Nixon Watches have been a prominent brand in the action sports industry and beyond. Upfront with immediate ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamCrown Jewellery Presents The NIXON Collection!      

Bering-New Blue Milanese Mesh & Ceramic Watches

2015-08-19 15.18.34
Read more... Introducing the new stars of the classic collections. Bering have innovated their designs with a unique fine blue Milanese mesh strap that offers wonderful wearing comfort, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass, Swarovski elements and a rose gold coloured casing to complete the watch profiles.         ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamBering-New Blue Milanese Mesh & Ceramic Watches

Calvin Klein ‘Edge ‘ Collection

Read more... Calvin Klein has taken their stylish designs to the next level! Introducing the 'Edge' collection. Its futuristic formations of pyramid studs exemplifies modern design. Why stop with just a watch?! Model this beautiful piece with the matching bracelet and simple stylish stud earrings in classic silver, rose gold, ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamCalvin Klein ‘Edge ‘ Collection