Reinvigorate your stud earrings with diamond halo surrounds

PE-259 EDDK0905 crown jewellery sydney

How many stud earrings do you have stashed away in the jewellery box that you feel don’t ‘do it’ for you? We have a surprisingly simple 18k white gold diamond halo which will add life and shine. Whether they be pearls, ruby, sapphire or any other quality gem stud earrings, these halos glorify the centre piece with glittering brilliant cut diamonds. Interchange the halos when you change stud earrings, as they are not fixed to the stud earrings, they effortlessly glide on and off the stud stem at your choosing.  We have pictured our EDDK0905 halos with 36 diamonds, tallying 0.54ct, with our PE-259 9.5mm diameter white pearl studs, valued at $1290.00 and $980.00 respectively. Pay us a visit with your existing earrings and see what a difference these halos make.

Crown Sales TeamReinvigorate your stud earrings with diamond halo surrounds