Thomas Sabo Discontinued Charms


Have you been searching for a specific charm  from the ever fashionable Thomas Sabo Charm Club, maybe a charm you one loved and lost or the one you wish you’d bought but didn’t? Well look no further! We have a plethora of discontinued charms and all heavily discounted from 50-80% off. For your convenience we have catalogued the current discontinued range below. Feel free to give us a call and we can give you the discounted price and offer any purchase information needed.


not tonight
CC107 CC001 CC026CC065

CC123 CC124 CC122CC170CC073 CC139CC143 CC138 CC142 CC135 CC141 CC134 CC140
CC358 CC425 CC450
CC315 CC483 CC540 CC541 CC572
CC518 CC542 CC649
CC623 CC576 CC535 CC474 CC729 CC685 CC668 CC669 CC676 CC679 CC760 CC683 CC740 CC730 CC765 CC776 CC795
CC816 CC815 CC808 CC764
CC876 CC873 CC844 CC853 CC865 CC867 CC886 CC878 CC877 CC958 anc
CC962 CC934 CC922 CC954 HSHOE
CC912 CC914
CC1003 CC1042 CC1048 CC1066 CC1073 CC1019 CC1016 CC1012 CC1002 CC988 CC1064 CC987 CC966 CC965 CC1008 CC1126 CC1122 CC1112


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