S.T. Dupont ‘Jet 8′ Pen Collection

Dupont Australia Crown Jewellery Sydney Jet 8 Pen
Read more... The electric, streamline Dupont Jet 8 pens are anything but modest. Finished in a kaleodiscope of strong, bold colours; when you're signing important documents, you might as well look good, right? Smooth and comfortable to hold, Dupont makes their pens a cut above the rest, designed in France ... Read More
Crown Sales TeamS.T. Dupont ‘Jet 8′ Pen Collection

S.T. Dupont

Read more... The french are famous for their sense of style and preference for luxury, and Dupont is infused with these national traits. The fun, bright, Minijet lighter range brings a modern burst of colour to the superior functionality of the jet lighter, triple coated in chinese laquer. For the ... Read More
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Read more... Designed in London, Colibri's accessories have been completing gents' outfits since 1928. Inspired by the elegance and detail of the 1920s, the brand brings a modern edge to this classic muse, with cufflinks, lighters, pens and other accessories finished in the finest quality materials. Each item is independently ... Read More
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